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Prepare Dry Salt Brined Steak

Prepare Dry Salt Brined Steak
Once you try dry salt brining your steaks, you may never want to prepare it any other way. When we talk about dry brining a steak, we are basically talking about curing it. Salt helps penetrate the meat over time. The moisture of the meat breaks down the water-soluble elements in the seasoning creating a glaze which eventually seeps back into the meat. The process also breaks down the muscle proteins in the beef, rendering it more tender.
  • Cuisine: Dry-brine
  • Prep Time: 24H
  • Cook Time: 0M
  • Total Time: 24H


  • Medium sized steak
  • Sea salt rocks or flakes


  • Grated rack
  • Refrigerator


  • Remove the steaks from the packaging and place onto a large preperation area.
  • Graciously coat the entire steak in the salt rub. Don't forget to include those meaty sides.
  • Place uncovered steaks on the grated rack and into the refrigerator so that air can circulate around the steak as it cures. This should help promote a nicely piece of steak infused with salty deliciousness.
  • Let sit for no less than 10 minutes to 1 hour; atleast 24 hours is preferred though, but no more than 4 days. Adjust the amount of salt initially used according to the brine time.
  • Remove from refriderator about 10 minutes before you want to cook it. Give it a quick once over with a paper towel, patting it dry.
  • It is now ready to be cooked.


How It Can Be Cooked

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