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Cauliflower "Mac" and Cheese

Surprise your people with this fragrant and tasty dish, featuring the ever dejected cauliflower.


Migas is the perfect dish to use as a boiler plate to greatness. Whether you're using fresh ingredients or left over ones, this recipe never fails to inspire taste.

Chicken Salad Roll with Bacon

My mom introduced me to the concept of a Salad Roll. I was blown away at the ingenuity in the creation of such a unique take on a Chicken Salad....

Stove-Top Oatmeal

Oatmeal is timeless dish that will outlive the humans. Whether you do it straight up or add some fun ingredients, you can never go wrong.

Salsa Dona

This is a recreation on Taco-Deli's jalapeno salsa. Or maybe its their take on the Salsa Dona, I don't actually know which came first. Either way, you gotta check it...

Roasted Jalapeno Peppers

Roasted Jalapenos are a delicious enhancement to most meals. It's something that I love to add to a dish to bring out a bit of spice and flavor.