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Compound Garlic Butter

Compound Garlic Butter
The best flavors of a chicken come from the pieces most people prefer to toss. Rather than discard the bones, fat, and other perceived waste, I recommend preparing a chicken stock from scratch. This is perfect to put together as you prepare a different meal since you can toss all of the odd bits from those ingrediants, into your chicken broth stock pot.
  • Cuisine: Seasoning
  • Prep Time: 1M
  • Cook Time: 10M
  • Total Time: 20M


  • Whole garlic cloves
  • Unsalted-butter


  • Chilled bowl sitting in ice bath
  • Sauce pot


  • Add butter and whole garlic cloves to sauce pot and set to low-medium heat
  • Melt butter completely and let simmer for about 15 minutes. Swirling often.
  • Butter should be cooked through with a smooth texture. If they have a bit of caramelization, bonus flavor.
  • Remove from heat and pour into the chilled bowl. Stir garlic butter until it begins to turn into a paste.
  • Remove garlic from the butter and mash garlic until it reaches a thick pastey texture.
  • Add garlic paste to the butter and mix until ingredients are fully incorporated.
  • The garlic butter should now be cool enough to transfer into the storage containers. Be sure to store them in a temperature-controlled location.


Suggested Uses

  • Garlic bread
  • Anywhere Garlic or butter is required. (everywhere)
  • Pasta

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